Foundation of Youth Ministry 

This is a 3 credit-hour academic class, taught the first full week of January in El Paso. Credit is available for both undergraduate and graduate level. Designed to equip those starting in youth ministry and to sharpen the tools of youth ministry professionals.

Philosophy and Theology of Student Ministry

A 3 credit-hour academic class designed to help students understand the philosophical and practical theological issues at the heart of the Church’s ministry to young people.

Evangelizing and Discipling Adolescents

A 3 credit-hour academic class examining the intersection between our increasingly post-modern culture, adolescent emotional, physical and intellectual development and the scriptural mandates of the gospel. 

Youth Ministry Tools Workshop

A day or weekend seminar taught where you want it, when you want it. Ideal for youth ministry team training and diocesan development of volunteers.     

Church Consulting

We’ll work with you to evaluate your current program and help you to come up with a plan to effectively reach young people based on your desires and resources. 

Contact: Steven Tighe, (915) 274-6105 or click here to email Steven

Youth Mission School

In partnership with St. Clement’s Church in El Paso, Texas, we train youth ministers and missionaries for the Church. Multi-year paid internships offered annually. Training includes 24 academic hours in ministry, on the job training for reaching kids, discipleship and leadership development, missions and gift based mentoring.

Contact: Steven Tighe, (915) 274-6105 or click here to email Steven

Border Fellow’s Program

A ten month (August-May) intensive work and service internship on the US/Mexico border that challenges recent college graduates to integrate their vocation with God’s heart for the young and the poor. It combines outreach, service, and education in justice and reconciliation to understand Jesus’ vision for an increasingly globalized world.

Contact: Jennifer Shinn,